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Can I Put Together a Backpacking Kit for 0 or Less?
Novice backpackers should first check out heavily discounted or used options. Buy synthetic layers at thrift stores and scrounge up any lightweight pot you can get your hands on. Be ready to pack heavy this first season. If the weight bothers you …
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Q+A: Backpacking in Bolivia among Young's top trips
Outdoor passions: Skiing, climbing, backpacking, running, traveling. Question: Favorite local hike? Answer: Red Mountain Open Space. Q: Wildest outdoors experience? A: Backpacking in the Cordillera Real in Bolivia. It gave me a whole new appreciation …
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Uncertain steps: A newcomer's introduction to backpacking
This is the first in a series of stories from a fledging backpacker's perspective as he learns what it takes to be a mountaineer. When my wife told me last month to take a hike, I knew it was for my own good. “It'll be fun,” she said with the same …
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Where's my job? Backpackers victim of fruit picking scam
BACKPACKING scam victims are turning up in Goondiwindi on the promise of a job that does not exist. A scam, starting from online advertising website Gumtree, promises backpackers fruit picking work and accommodation in the small border town.
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